Baby Illustrations for Health Product

Baby Illustrationen für Gesundheitsprodukt

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is a well-known UK-based health product that helps to soothe and protect babies’ delicate skin. The company approached me to create a series of baby illustrations for their marketing materials. The objective was to bring a fresh and updated design to their existing marketing materials by depicting a happy baby in different…

Space Illustrations for Museum of Technology Vienna

Weltraum Illustrationen für das Technische Museum Wien

I was thrilled when I was commissioned to design a few space-themed illustrations for the special exhibition at the Technisches Museum Wien. I had free rein to play with different ideas and concepts, and the end result is a fun and colorful brochure that really brings the exhibit to life. I’m extremely proud of my…

Robot Illustrations for Museum of Technology in Vienna

Roboter-Illustrationen für das Technische Museum in Wien

I had a lot of fun doing robot illustrations for a printed winter calendar for the Museum of Technology Vienna. The calendar is printed for the special exhibition “Robots”. I really enjoyed working on the project and I hope everyone who sees the calendar enjoys it as well. Thanks for considering my work! Papercraft Robot…

Retro Childrens Book Illustrations about Bipolar Disorder & Mental Health
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Retro-Kinderbuchillustrationen zum Thema bipolare Störung und psychische Gesundheit

Hey there! I’m excited to share my journey to Manila where I was invited by the Austrian Embassy to illustrate a children’s book called “Sala La Init, Sala Sa Lamig,” (In Hot Mess or Cold Mess), written by Czyka Tumaliuan and published by her publishing house “Kwago”. This bilingual book tackles the important topic of…

Vintage Halloween Illustration: Skeleton Costume Mid-Century Style

Vintage Halloween Illustration: Skeleton Costume Mid-Century Style

Are you tired of the same old, boring Halloween costumes? Look no further, my friend! Allow me to introduce you to the newest, hottest, and (if I may say so myself) coolest costume on the block in this Vintage Halloween Illustration: the Skeleton costume! And the best part? No skeletons were harmed in the making…

A Wicked Witch Flying on a Broomstick: A Mid-Century Style Illustration

A Wicked Witch Flying on a Broomstick: A Mid-Century Style Illustration

This mid-century witch illustration is the perfect example of why you should never trust a witch. She’s flying around on her broomstick, holding a net in one hand and a poor, unsuspecting child in the other. It’s clear she plans to take the child back to her witch house, and who knows what she’ll do…