Cute Llama Illustrations for a Family Cookbook
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Lama Illustrationen für ein Familienkochbuch

The brand “Thermomix” by Vorwerk commissioned me to contribute some llama illustrations to their cookbook called “Nom Nom Nom”. The cookbook contains a total of 76 recipes for all meals of the day. The recipes are great for parents and children alike and lets them cook together for twice the fun. The Llama “NomNom” accompanies…

Poster Design for Digital Learning Initiative / OEAD

Plakatgestaltung für die Bildungsinitiative Digitales Lernen / OEAD

Austria‘s OEAD (Agency for Education and Internationalisation) is equipping Austrian schools with digital devices to create the pedagogical and technical conditions for IT-supported learning and to give students access to digital education on a level playing field. I was honored to contribute the poster design for the digital learning initiative. Creating a poster for Austria’s…

Space Illustrations for Museum of Technology Vienna

Weltraum Illustrationen für das Technische Museum Wien

I was thrilled when I was commissioned to design a few space-themed illustrations for the special exhibition at the Technisches Museum Wien. I had free rein to play with different ideas and concepts, and the end result is a fun and colorful brochure that really brings the exhibit to life. I’m extremely proud of my…