Animierter Geek - Ein persönliches Projekt

As a creative professional, I am always looking for new ways to push my boundaries and explore my artistic talents. Recently, I had the opportunity to work on a fun and quirky project that allowed me to showcase my skills in illustration, animation, and After Effects. In this post, I’m excited to share with you the process and outcome of my project – the Geeky Animated Face.

Geeky Personal Project

geeky face animation after effects

The Geeky Animated Face is a flat animation project that was created using Adobe After Effects. The animation features a simple yellow face with a headband, nerdy glasses, bushy black hair, and a bit of beard. The animation shows the face entering the screen from below, pausing in the middle, leaving the screen to the right, entering again from the left, stopping in the middle, and finally leaving the frame to the top. The animation is simple, yet effective, and it’s designed to bring a smile to anyone who watches it.

Versatility of After Effects

To create the Geeky Animated Face, I first started by sketching different variations of the face, experimenting with different styles and features until I landed on the final design.

Once the design was finalized, I used Adobe Illustrator to create the vector shapes and colors of the face. I then imported the illustrations into After Effects and used keyframes and animation techniques to bring the character to life. I tried to incorporate some simple principles of animation like anticipation, follow-through and secondary actions.

The Geeky Animated Face is a great example of the versatility of After Effects, as it allowed me to create a fun and engaging animation that showcases my illustration and animation skills. The project also demonstrates the power of simple design and the importance of humor and fun in creative projects.

Overall, I am thrilled with the outcome of the Geeky Animated Face project. It was a fun and rewarding experience that allowed me to make use my skills in illustration, animation, and After Effects.

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