How to Create an Interactive RIVE Animation

Wie man eine interaktive RIVE-Animation erstellt

Creating engaging and interactive animations is a true delight for any designer. In this blog post, I am thrilled to share with you my latest project: an interactive 2D flat-style animation using Rive. Get ready to meet the adorable and captivating Cute Bot! With mouse tracking, a mouse-over effect, and a waving hand, this animation…

Coding Book Illustrations for Kids / Scratch

Coding-Buch Illustrationen für Kinder / Scratch

I had the wonderful opportunity to contribute to the book “Coding for Kids: Scratch” by Matthew Higland and Callisto Media, NY. I created 30+ coding book illustrations to help mastering the Scratch programming language fun and easy fun and easy. The book is filled with vibrant cartoons and step-by-step instructions that make learning to code…

Seed Bomb Illustrations for children – Technisches Museum Wien

Samenbomben Illustrationen für Kinder - Technisches Museum Wien

Creating seed bombs is a fun and easy activity that can provide food for many insects, especially bees and butterflies. That’s why I decided to have these two buddies lead through the seed bomb illustrations for children, as they are really excited about creating seed bombs and having some delicious flowery food in the gray…

Space Poster for Kids

Weltraumposter für Kinder

What should a space poster for kids have – spaceships, aliens, astronauts, comets, planets, stars and kids having fun. I created a space poster that has all of those things! I was motivated to make the space poster because I think that love everything about space exploration and I wanted to share that with children…

Cute Llama Illustrations for a Family Cookbook
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Lama Illustrationen für ein Familienkochbuch

The brand “Thermomix” by Vorwerk commissioned me to contribute some llama illustrations to their cookbook called “Nom Nom Nom”. The cookbook contains a total of 76 recipes for all meals of the day. The recipes are great for parents and children alike and lets them cook together for twice the fun. The Llama “NomNom” accompanies…

Poster Illustration for Kids: “Zeit Punkt Lesen”

Poster Illustration for Kids: “Zeit Punkt Lesen”

I had the great opportunity to create a poster illustration for kids as well as a sticker card for Lower Austria’s reading initiative for kids, “Zeit Punkt Lesen”. The theme was travelling and exploring, and I had a blast creating it in Illustrator and Photoshop. I came up with the idea of a poster that…

Poster Design for Digital Learning Initiative / OEAD

Plakatgestaltung für die Bildungsinitiative Digitales Lernen / OEAD

Austria‘s OEAD (Agency for Education and Internationalisation) is equipping Austrian schools with digital devices to create the pedagogical and technical conditions for IT-supported learning and to give students access to digital education on a level playing field. I was honored to contribute the poster design for the digital learning initiative. Creating a poster for Austria’s…