Character Design for a Kids App – This is my body

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If you’re a creative director for a kids app, you know that character design is key. You need to create characters that are engaging and fun, while also remaining true to the educational goals of the app. So how do you achieve all that? decided to partner with me for the character design for a kids app chapter called to develop engaging characters for the app chapter called “This is my body”

About the kids app “” is an immersive language acquisition program designed to help your child systematically develop German language skills. The app offers a fun and interactive way for children to learn, with a wide range of activities designed to keep them engaged. The app covers all the basics of German grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and introduces new concepts in a way that is easy for children to understand. With, learning German can be fun, easy, and interactive – perfect for the modern child!

Using relatable characters to explain difficult concepts

In the learning app for children, I designed a few different characters for the chapter “This is my body”. Each of these characters has a different perspective on their bodies, and each one brings something unique to the learning experience. I hope that by providing these different characters, children will be able to relate to at least one of them and feel comfortable learning about their own bodies.

Here are the characters and the sentences the children are learning:

My mouth tastes good. I like pickles.
With my nose I smell. I don’t like the smell.
With my eyes I see. I like colorful flowers.
With my skin, I feel. I like cuddly things.
With my brain, I think. I’ve got great ideas.
With my ears I hear. I don’t like noise.
I have bones and muscles. They’re in my body.
With them I move. I can run fast.
Organs work in my body. They work day and night.
I like my body. I do sports and eat healthy.
Sometimes I don’t want anyone to touch me! Then I say, “No!”

Check out the app here:

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