Star Trek Illustration from Vienna

star trek illustration homestead

I was thrilled to be invited to contribute a star trek illustration to the CBS exhibition “Star Trek 50 to 50”, celebrating 50 years of the unique franchise. The artwork is called “Homestead”.

I wanted to depict the Trek universe as a place that is both futuristic and grounded, so I chose to set the scene on earth, specifically San Franciso, where Starfleet Headquarters are located. Captain PIcard is drinking his morning coffee, and Geordi LaForge is taking the bus with a Klingon to work.

I had a lot of fun working on this piece, and I hope it will make viewers smile. Thanks for including me in this special exhibit! (I almost fawned as a lifelong Trekkie when I got the invitation).

The Star Trek Illustration

star trek illustration homestead

Initial Sketches

I was doodling the other day, trying to come up with an idea for the artwork. I started sketching out some of my favorite Star Trek characters, and then I got to thinking – what if they were in everyday situations? Furthermore, I began to sketch out some scenarios, like Captain Picard getting his morning coffee or a Borg at a cocktail party. I also sketched out some iconic characters, like Mr. Spock in his jogging-like outfit in Star Trek 4.

It was great fun to imagine these iconic characters in such mundane situations, and it really got my creative juices flowing.

Decision for the setting – easter eggs all over the scene (spoiler alert!)

I settled for a morning in San Francisco, where Star fleet HQ is located. All the different characters are preparing for the day, going to work, or driving around the city. I put in some of my favorite Star Trek moments and characters from the shows and movies, which you can see on the final piece.

Probably my favorite character, a friendly Borg, who is going to the shuttle bus station, greeting his Romulan friend (eating his sandwich) in the morning.

In the bus, there is Geordi La Forge, listening to some fine music, while preparing for his shift on Enterprise. A Klingon is looking into today’s newspaper.

Here, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are gathering around a bonfire, singing “Row the Boat” (Star Trek V), while Jean-Luc Picard is enjoying a fine cup of “Earl Grey” tea on his terrace.

The whales George and Gracie (Star Trek IV) are swimming in the San Francisco Bay.

Star Fleet Headquarters

No star trek illustration without first contact: Here you see it being made by the Vulcans (Star Trek VIII). The Enterprise is flying in the background.

The Xindi attack (Star Trek Enterprise), next to San Francisco. You can see Starbase 1 orbiting Earth in the background.

Q greeting a neighbour in the city.

You still haven’t seen enough?

Check out my interview at (which means that I’m an official Starfleet member now 🙂

You can get a print of the Star Trek illustration in different sizes in my Society6-Shop.

And here’s a great article by about the exhibition in San Diego:

Here’s an interview for our local newspaper “NÖN”:

Watch this CBS video capturing all the awesome artwork featured in the exhibition:

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