In 2017 I was very excited to being able to contribute to a sweet app for kids called It helps kids to learn reading and writing and is for children from 5 to 10 years old.

I designed 2 chapters, one of them is “This is my body“, a reading excercise.
My mouth tastes good. I like pickles.
With my nose I smell. I don’t like the smell.
With my eyes I see. I like colorful flowers.
With my skin, I feel. I like cuddly things.
With my brain, I think. I’ve got great ideas.
With my ears I hear. I don't like noise.
I have bones and muscles. They’re in my body.
With them I move. I can run fast.
Organs work in my body. They work day and night.
I like my body. I do sports and eat healthy.
Sometimes I don't want anyone to touch me! Then I say, "No!"
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