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Cover Illustration for Math Workbook for Children

The Multiplication Workbook

Callisto Media is a New York & California based publishing company with a broad portfolio of books and multimedia products.

Cover Design

In summer 2021 Callisto was working on a new part of a series of educational “My Workbook” books. They approached me to work on the cover design for a multiplication and division workbook for children (ages 8-12) that reinforces age-level multiplication/division skills, increasing in levels of difficulty from Grade 3 up to Grade 5.



The client chose the left sketch and asked me to rework it to make the character more gender-neutral and diverse. 

Final Artwork

The final illustration stayed true to the original idea of having 2 characters interact to have a bit of storytelling and humor. The colors had to stay consistent with the previous publications of the Workbook series.

This collaboration, among other projects in 2021 helped me gain a bit of experience in diverse & inclusive illustration. I also continued my plan to intensify my sketching phase in illustration projects.


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